Heather Thayer

Heather Thayer Photography

OC Pro’s representative Heather Thayer for Heather Thayer Photography.

Heather has been driven by a passion for creativity from an early age, beginning her artistic journey at the Create Arts Center in Sierra Madre, CA. Her fascination with photography started in junior high on the yearbook team and deepened when she received a 35mm SLR camera for her 18th birthday. Heather is a self-taught professional photographer with 45 years of experience, initially specializing in wedding and family portraits using medium format film cameras.

Over the years, Heather transitioned to digital photography, starting with her first digital camera purchase after learning Photoshop in 1996. She has worked on a variety of notable projects, including capturing the works of a well-known artist for his website and promotional materials, which were displayed in galleries and the Festival of the Arts in Laguna Beach.

Heather’s expertise also led her to a position with a landscape architecture firm in San Diego, where she photographed numerous projects. Heather’s career demonstrates her evolving talent and commitment to capturing compelling images across different subjects and settings. You can visit Heather’s works online at: www.heatherthayerphotography.