By actively participating in OC Pro Networkers, you can expect to increase your business through referrals and networking opportunities with other skilled professionals.

OC Pro Networkers expects its members to actively participate in meetings by attending regularly and passing leads to other members. We also highly encourage you to spend time with other members doing one on one’s with them to better get to know each other better.

It is difficult to predict the exact timeframe for seeing financial rewards. However, getting to know the members and building relationships can lead to referrals and increased business over time.

The success of OC Pro Networkers is directly related to the level of participation and engagement of its members. The more you put into the group, the more you are likely to get out of it.

Joining a local Chamber of Commerce is a great way to increase your business exposure. However, joining a group like OC Pro Networkers allows for a more exclusive and personal networking experience with other skilled professionals.

The current members of OC Pro Networkers are committed to building their businesses and those of their fellow members through referrals and networking opportunities. We become one big family with a real connection and honest caring about each person.

If your category is filled, we are happy to have you come to one meeting as our guest to check out the group. If your category opens, then our membership chair can give you a call to come back to petition for membership.

At least two meetings are required before the membership process can proceed.

Yes, you will fill out an application, have a call with our inspector who makes sure you have been vetted properly. You will have a chance to explain your business and why you want to join our group and then our membership votes on new members to ensure the exclusivity and integrity of the group.

The start-up fee is $180.00, which includes the first month of membership.

Dues are due on the first of the month and can be paid through recurring billing of your credit card.

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