Laura Maldonado

Recreate Spaces

Laura’s passion for organization and decluttering began when she was a young girl.  Packing, unpacking and coordination of moving services were added in her early 20’s.  Family and friends, over the years knew who to call when they wanted to tackle clutter or pack up for a big move.  Laura naturally knows how to recreate a space that works effectively for her clients.  Budgets, big and small, aren’t a problem, she knows how to use household items already on hand or can splurge on high end container/organization stores.

Over the years, Laura has worked on a wide range of projects including garages, pantries, kitchens, closets, primary bedrooms, storage units, bathrooms and even unpacking a 2500 square foot home in one day with a team!  Recreate Spaces helps individuals and families enjoy their spaces more by creating calm when there was once chaos.  No project is too small or too large because she has access to a team of organizers who assist in large projects.  Laura also volunteers her time with charitable organizations that serve those in need.