Susie Stojanovski

Mary Kay Cosmetics

Proper skincare and quality products help women look and feel their best. That’s why there’s no better feeling than introducing women to Mary Kay.

As an Independent Sr. Sales Director with Mary Kay Inc., I’ve dedicated my life toward helping women look beautiful every day — whether speaking in front of aspiring entrepreneurs, hosting virtual parties and in home parties for beauty enthusiasts, attending professional networking events, or helping women develop their own independent businesses.

After serving in the medical industry for many years, I fell in love with Mary Kay products and discovered my distinct flair for creating the right look. Soon after switching careers for a lifestyle of empowerment and creativity, I also came to appreciate the flexibility and excellent income potential Mary Kay offers.

Best of all, I get to flex my team building and relationship management skills by teaching, coaching and mentoring others. For more than three decades, I’ve had the remarkable pleasure of supporting women along their professional and personal growth journeys.

Through my Mary Kay experiences, I’ve discovered freedom, power and fulfillment. I’m paying it forward by opening these same doors for other women and motivating them toward success.