Toni Rich

F. Anthony Rich, MS, DDS

OC Pro’s representative Toni Rich for dentistry.

Toni Rich is a native of Californian, and from a child, Tony’s dream was to become a dentist. Upon graduating from high school, he immediately enrolled at the University of Southern California where he graduated from the USC School of Dentistry at the top of his class. Dr. Rich quickly decided that there would be no better place than beautiful Newport Beach to start his dental career helping patients keep there smiles.

Through his extensive training and years of considerable experience, Dr. Anthony Rich is considered by many to be one of the top practicing Dentists in the beach community of Newport Beach and maybe even all of Orange County. He uses his precise technical skills learned from education peers and years of experience. His artistic abilities maintain dental care and create beautiful smiles. Through postgraduate continuing education and elective formal training at top universities, Dr. Rich supports the highest standards in Cosmetic dentistry, Preventative and Restorative Dentistry. If you are looking for the best dentist in Orange County and the best Dentist Newport Beach then Toni is the person to call.

Toni loves to say “you don’t need to floss, yes the teeth you don’t want to keep that is” so make sure you floss and come in for teeth cleaning is a must and you might just keep your teeth in your late hundreds. He is also an expert in education of brushing your teeth so your gums stay healthy and your teeth nice and tarter free.