Dave Friedman

Coach Dave 4 You

OC Pro’s representative Dave Friedman for Coach Dave 4 You.

I believe that whatever we want, truly, really want, we can have.

I’m a Life Coach, Dad, entrepreneur, spiritual counselor, musician. Like most of you, there are facets to life. My many paths have created myriad opportunities for growth. I have had multiple careers, major relocations, and to quote a current commercial,  I know a thing or two as I’ve experienced a thing or two.

Sometimes, a little guidance, a little understanding, a little ‘I’ve been there before so I know how you feel’ creates the safe haven that is the right place at the right time to help you find your way.

As a result of working with me, my clients get a better self-understanding, a defined life direction, and a plan -with support- so they can live the life of their design and not the one they’ve just flowed into.

If you are looking at a fork in your road, ready to make a change, or you just want to talk a bit and get some clarity around what might be the next part of your journey, please reach out.