Steve Seifert

Weston Automotive

OC Pro’s representative Steve Seifert for auto sales.

Steve Seifert, Ali Moallem, and Michelle Weston comprise Weston Automotive, California licensed and bonded car dealership…that carries no inventory. We don’t sell cars, trucks, or SUVs. Instead, we help our customers BUY their vehicle at a wholesale price. Nationwide, nearly 1.5 million new cars and trucks, and Laan equal number of pre-owned cars and trucks, are transacted in the dealer-only, closed to the public marketplace…every month! Somewhere in that sea of vehicles is the exact make and model, our customer is looking for. It’s our job to find it, deliver it for a flat fee over cost, and handle all the DMV paperwork.

We can buy cars anywhere in the United States and ship to customers in the U.S. and Canada.

With our access to both the new and pre-owned car markets, our promise is: Whether our customer wants basic transportation, a family SUV, a luxury sedan, or even an exotic sports car – new or pre-owned, lease or buy – in the car buying process we’re on the customer’s side.